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ArticleSnatch, June 2010

Software Development Trends

By Shawn Frank

The world is shifting from traditional to techno savvy. Companies are now getting furnished with advance technology and outsourced product development services. The success of Information Technology companies lie with the increased need of software development services and this is reason that software development services market is booming. Nowadays, companies are offering their services in offshore software development. To achieve success, many companies turn to the software application development firms to get the complete IT and software solution for their needs. They consider that basic software are costly and even do not fulfill their overall needs. Even the services provided by the offshore software development services are cheaper than buying new and exclusive software. Several trends are emerging within the area of offshore software development. Some of the most important trends are as follows:

Cloud Computing - Cloud computing comes into focus only when you think about what offshore software development companies always needs: a way to increase capacity or add capabilities on the fly without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software. Cloud computing levels the playing field for small companies to compete against large, established companies at a reasonable and predictable cost. The cloud is just one example of a virtualized computing platform, and the next generation of developer tools must enable developers to build software that deploys and performs well in cloud and other virtual environment.

Agile Development - Agile development helps to standardize management and daily programmer work, enforcing a small, controllable level and also encouraging good communication across the team. Agile development processes, including Scrum, test-driven development, and continuous integration are commonly used in the enterprise and smaller development shops, often in combination with other development practices. Within Microsoft, many teams have integrated elements of Agile development practices to their process. Visual Studio 2010 opens the door for Agile methodologies, offering support for some Agile processes, such as unit testing and iteration planning. We will continue to support more Agile methodologies as we will move forward. Agile management is not only for managers rather it is for the whole team to have a good understanding about their own development and management process.

Modern scripting language - These languages encourage good practices and methods, changing our attitude towards programming and program design. Embracing elegant and simple solutions becomes expectation with time, thus we will be striving for elegance and quality to improve all of our further designs and codes.

Parallel Computing - Parallel computing is an evolution of serial computing that attempt to emulate what has always been the state of affairs in the natural world- many complex, interrelated events happening at the same time, yet within a sequence. New trends in computing take advantage of inexpensive and widely-available desktop graphics processors for certain tasks. At the high end of processing ability, supercomputing centers are leveraging clusters to perform complex computational tasks. Today, a small handful of programmers have the skills to write code that perform well in multi-core and many-core environment. Parallel computing is the simultaneous use of multiple compute resources to solve computational problem.

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