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What is DotNetNuke?

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DotNetNuke (some time ago renamed to Evoq™ Content) is the Web application framework ideal for creating and deploying projects such as commercial websites, corporate intranets and extranets, online document management or publishing portals and custom vertical applications. DotNetNuke is available in two versions - commercial and open-source. Open source version is licensed under a BSD agreement and grants the general public permission to obtain the software free-of-charge.

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DotNetNuke / Evoq™ Content is based on the Microsoft ASP.NET technology thus providing highest level of flexibility and reliability to the custom web sites and web applications.

DotNetNuke / Evoq™ Content features

Important feature of DotNetNuke / Evoq™ Content is its extensibility. It has a basic core which can be extended using pluggable modules and providers that enable additional functionality; the look and feel of individual sites (or even DotNetNuke screenshots individual pages within one web site) can be customized using skins. Interfaces for modules, providers and skins are well documented and supported with programmer's manuals thus giving a chance for third party developers to create their own custom components. About thirty basic modules are included with the core DotNetNuke distribution, and further modules can be downloaded from the DotNetNuke website including e-commerce systems, document management systems, photo galleries, blogs, forums, wiki, mailing list and many others. Additional third party modules are provided by both the open source community and proprietary commercial developers. No programming is needed to plug in new modules - new standard or custom modules can be installed easily and automatically by uploading them through the administration pages.

DotNetNuke / Evoq™ Content has a skinning architecture which provides a clear separation between design and content, enabling a web designer to develop skins without requiring any specialist knowledge of development in ASP.NET: only a knowledge of HTML and an understanding of how to prepare and package the skins themselves is required. Skins consist of basic HTML files with placeholders for content, menus and other functionality, along with support files such as images, stylesheets and Javascript, packaged in a Zip file. Like modules, skins can be uploaded and automatically installed through the administration pages.

DotNetNuke / Evoq™ Content includes a flexible role-based access control system that gives an opportunity to create an arbitrary number of user groups (or roles) with different access rights to individual parts of the web application, to individual pages or even to individual modules within each page. It means, for example, that accessing the same web page, two users with different access rights may see totally different content on this page. It is very important for business applications where users often have different rights depending upon their positions and their duties in the company.

DotNetNuke-based custom solutions

Intelligence-Soft software engineers and web developers have a great deal of expertise in the development of custom web applications and corporate portals based upon DotNetNuke / Evoq™ Content technology. Read more about our expertise in the DotNetNuke development on custom DotNetNuke solutions page.

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