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Selected examples of software development projects completed in 2003-2004

The list below represents only a fraction of the projects completed by our software engineers in years 2003-2004. Information about many other projects is confidential and its divulgation is forbidden by non-disclosure agreements signed by Intelligence-Soft. We wish to express our sincere appreciation to those of our clients who allowed us to mention their projects at this web site.

AgentBankSelect and supporting utilities

Year: 2003
Purpose: Web-based application and the set of utility tools for the financial analysis - working environment for experts analyzing reliability of financial institutions involved in global custodian market.
Customer: Thomas Murray Ltd, London, UK.

Description : Intelligence-Soft engineers participated in the development of main application and the set of utility tools for the world famous financial consulting company Thomas Murray Group.

AgentBankSelect is a main application for collecting, storing and analyzing information related with custodian's credentials, core services, internal operations and risks. AgentBankSelect screenshots Application is in continual use by Royal Bank of Canada, HSBC, Deutsche Bank and Bank of New York, having been successfully audited for security and data integrity. Includes database and web-interfaces:
  • for administrators, who prepares question- naires to be answered by custodians,
  • for global and regional custodians, who provides requested information describing their services and financial status,
  • for experts, who evaluates answers and prepares ratings,
  • for clients, who accesses evaluation results

Application is hosted on Win2000/IIS 5.0/MS SQL Server platform.
Programming languages and technologies used: ASP (JScript/ADO), MS SQL (T-SQL).

Presentation Generator Presentation Generator is a VB tool to automate the production of PowerPoint slides. Extracting data from the AgentBankSelect application database to a queryable Access database, application produces complex bubble charts from this information. This includes automatically color coding each bubble to distinguish different respondent's scores, and an algorithm to ensure that two equal scores did not produce exactly overlapping bubbles. Implementation of Presentation Generator decreased a time necessary to prepare 80-slide presentation from 1-2 days to about 30 minutes.
Programming languages and technologies used: VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), COM, ODBC.

Database conversion utility Database conversion utility is an auxiliary tool for adding data into the AgentBankSelect application database. The utility assists database administrator in completing data import job mapping data from one schema of 130 un-normalized tables to a radically different schema of 14 normalized tables.
Programming languages and technologies used: MS Visual Basic, ODBC.

Corporate portal for the group of industrial companies

Year: 2003
Purpose: Products database and corporate portal for the group of companies manufacturing industrial equipment.

Description: The development of the corporate portal database and software including: Corporate portal screenshot
  • dynamic database-driven products catalog,
  • password protected areas for distributors and company personnel with price lists and other internal documents,
  • portal content management system,
  • Product Wizard - interactive tool automating the selection of required machines,
  • sister companies web sites,
  • full-text search and feedback forms,
  • a number of other interactive features.
Content management system supports several levels of access for the web site administrators and an approval process assuming that each modification of the content made by low-level administrator must be approved by one of the top-level administrators to be published.
Programming languages and technologies used: PHP, MySQL.

Reporting package for medical coding and billing company

Year: 2003
Reporting package for medical coding and billing company Purpose: Application software automating business processes of the company providing medical coding and billing services.
Customer: The Coding Edge, Inc., USA

Description: The package consists of the report management/scheduling tool, report generator and a collection of report templates for various types of reports. Examples of report types - Account Receivable by Payer, Charges By Period, Top 40 Procedure Codes, Patient Volume by Age, Historical Financial Data and much more. Using report management tool user has an opportunity to create and schedule reporting jobs. Each job defines the subset of the data to be included into the report, reporting period, and the list of templates to be used. Creating a job user may choose to store report results into a file or print it or send it by e-mail. Supported output file formats are PDF, RTF, DOC, XLS. Once a job is created, reporting tool generates reports according to the schedule, filling selected templates with the data taken from the medical billing system database.
Programming languages and technologies used: - Visual C#, Microsoft .NET CLR, Crystal Reports.

Multilanguage web site content management system

Content management system screenshots Year: 2003
Purpose: The development of web-based software for the administration of multilanguage web sites.
Customer: The software is used in a number of projects ordered by various clients from France, USA and Denmark.

Description: Web-based content management system consists of the web site structure editor and the WYSIWYG page editor. Provides users who doesn't know a lot about HTML, CSS and other Internet technologies with an opportunity to create multilanguage web site and manage its content using convenient visual tools. Using web site structure editor user adds necessary pages and creates/modifies web site navigation tree. Using visual page editor user edits the content of each page in a manner similar to any popular text editor - modifying text style, font, color, inserting images and hyperlinks by click of a mouse and watching a page in the editor's window exactly as it will look like after the publishing at the web site.
Programming languages and technologies used: ASP, JavaScript, MS SQL Server (or MSDE).

GIS Portal

Year: 2004
Purpose: Web-based document management application for state agency managing real estate objects.
Customer: Sviluppo Impresa, Italy.

Description: Intelligence-Soft programmers in collaboration with Italian software house Sviluppo Impresa developed and implemented intranet/extranet application intended for the automation of document management procedures GIS Portal screenshots in organization engaged in the manage-ment of real estate objects and lands. Portal supports all stages of document flow from acquisition of various types of documents and their conversion to electronic formats to documents classification, storage and search by request. System database stores huge amount of documents, photographs, video clips and geographical maps related with more than 36000 real estate objects and grows by 60000 documents annualy.
Important distinction of the portal is its ability to work with geographical maps. Manifold Map Server built into the application provides users with an opportunity to view maps with unlimited zoom and scroll of the map image in client's web browser. Each map may have "clickable" areas navigating to another map or delivering various additional information about map objects.
GIS Portal is based upon DotNetNuke Portal content management technology thus giving a chance to modify its structure adding new pages and modules as needed without reprogrammimg or rebuilding the application.
Programming languages and technologies used: ASP.NET, Visual Basic.NET, MS SQL Server, DotNetNuke, Manifold Map Server.

Voice messaging server

Year: 2004
Purpose: Client-server system using text-to-speech technology for sending voice messages by phone.
Customer: Soft Tree Technologies, USA.

Description: Intelligence-Soft engineers designed and developed client-server system, which automates phone dialing and voice message sending from a central location. Client applications sending voice messages may Voice messaging server administrative utility and server screenshots be located anywhere on the network. Voice messaging server is a corporate application for sending emergency notifications, event and appointment reminders, marketing and political campaign messages, and more.
  • Provides a robust messaging gateway that allows applications to easily create and send various voice messages.
  • Supports asynchronous mes- sage processing, which allows multiple applications to write messages to a central message queue and immediately become free to process other tasks.
  • Supports pre-recorded human voice messages using regular sound files, messages synthesized dynamically by means of advanced text-to-speech technology and mixed messages combining both sound files and text fragments.
  • Features simple and efficient graphical interface that allows system administrators to monitor and manage message processing, active connections, message queue and more.
  • Provides complete message processing audit trail that keeps track of messages being sent, in case troubleshooting needs to occur.
  • Compatible with any standard voice modem.
Programming languages and technologies used: MS Visual C++, MS Speech API, MS Telephony API.

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