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Selected examples of software development projects completed in 2007-2008

The list below represents only a fraction of the projects completed by our software engineers in years 2007-2008. Information about many other projects is confidential and its divulgation is forbidden by non-disclosure agreements signed by Intelligence-Soft. We wish to express our sincere appreciation to those of our clients who allowed us to mention their projects at this web site.

Financial analysis software

Year: 2007
Purpose: Database and financial analysis software tools for consulting company that maintains opinions and ratings on custodians, capital market infrastructures and central securities depositories worldwide.

Financial analysis software screenshots Description: Software automates customer company core business - preparation of ratings and reports in order to help institutional investors to select Global Custodian banks to look after their assets in different markets around the world, and after selecting them, company helps to keep track of how well they are performing. Company collects information on the fees that hundreds of custodians is quoting for managing each certain investor's portfolio across different markets and stores this information in MS SQL Server database. Software tools developed by our engineers assist analyst in comparison and processing of huge multidimensional sets of data stored in the database. It also generates printable reports including aggregated numeric information, quartile analysis results and various graphs.

Programming languages and technologies used: MS Access 2003, VBA, MS SQL Server.

Web-based application for real estate assessment company.

Year: 2007
Purpose: Database and corporate application for real estate assessment business.

Description: Intranet application screenshots

Customer company provides field services to insurance companies requiring property assessments for insurance purposes. Web based application, developed by Intelligence-Soft programmers, supports entire workflow of the assessment beginning from the creation of inspection ticket, which indicates that an insurance firm is requesting that the assessment company conduct an inspection of a property. Once new ticket is created, an administrative official at the assessment company logs in to the application, reviews new ticket and assigns it to a home inspector. The home inspector visits a property and conducts an inspection of the property. Using our web-based application the inspector fills in inspection forms thus describing real estate object to be assessed. The set of inspection forms include very detailed descriptions of construction, electrical equipment, heating, plumbing, fire protection and much more - totally 12 forms with several dozens of individual fields in each of them.

Once inspection report for the property is completed the inspector marks it as ready for review. The inspection report is reviewed by the administrative official and flaged as completed. The underwriter (insurance firm contact) is notified by email that the specific ticket and report are ready for review. An insurance firm can log in to the application and review all the tickets they’ve created, identify which ones have been completed and get detailed assessment report.

Programming languages and technologies used: ASP.NET, C#.NET, ADO.NET, MS SQL Server

Data Transformation Tool

Year: 2008
Purpose: Web-based application for the conversion of data taken from source database table to one or more target tables with radically different data structure.

Financial analysis software screenshots Description: Application provides user with convenient and effective way to convert data from one database scheme to another with simultaneous modification of field values if necessary. To convert data exported from source database, user uploads it to server in CSV or XML format. Then using interactive web-based GUI, user describes target table(s) structure, primary keys in source and target tables, rules of each individual field conversion and rules of handling duplicate records. Conversion rules may include data format transformations like upper/lower case or date format changes, string operations like concatenation of several source fields into one target field and conditional expressions. Duplicates handling rules assume that in case if both source and target database tables contain records with the same primary keys then user may choose to skip record conversion (keep target record intact) or update it from source table or keep both records in target table optionally generating new primary key for newly added record. Once all data structures are described and all necessary rules are created, user initiates data conversion on the server. Output files may be downloaded from server and imported into the target database.
Working with input and output data in CSV or XML format, Data Transformation Tool may convert data from/to any relational DBMS. The only limitation - source DBMS must allow data export to CSV or XML, target DBMS must allow data import from the same formats. All settings made by user and related with the conversion of certain source database (input and output database schemes, conversion and duplicates handling rules, etc.) may be stored in "conversion profile" for future use, so if user needs to convert the same database one more time, he doesn't need to enter all information again. Each user may create as many conversion profiles as he needs.

Programming languages and technologies used: ASP.NET, C#, AJAX, XML/XSLT, MS Windows Server 2003, MS SQL Server 2005.

DotNetNuke-based corporate portals and web applications

Year: 2008
Purpose: Development of custom web applications and corporate portals based upon DotNetNuke content management technology.

Description: Intelligence-Soft software engineers developed a number of web portals for US companies including telecommunication, construction, e-commerce, insurance companies and educational institutions. Web projects based upon DotNetNuke technology Each completed project included following tasks:
  • Custom DotNetNuke (DNN) skins development from sketches, pre- pared by 3rd party graphic design company. Skinning is one of the basic features of DNN architecture. It provides web site owner with manageable way to separate application logic/content from its visual presentation
  • The development of custom DNN navigation components (AJAX-based "accordion-style" menu, secondary navigation components). Each of these non-standard components may be implemented as either ASP.NET Web control (.ascx) and placed into required position inside web site skin or as a DNN custom module.
  • The development of custom DNN modules implementing client's web site specific functionality. Each of these custom modules consists of module-specific databases, user's web interface and admin's web interface. These modules can be easily added, edited, deleted, restored, moved around on any page, or transferred to other pages.
  • Customization of DNN standard modules (Documents, User Management, Login/Logout, etc.) and 3rd party modules (Image Gallery, Projects Portfolio, etc.) to meet client's specific requirements. Customization may affect module's functionality (business logic), its visual representation (user interface) or its database structure.
  • DotNetNuke core, modules and databases installation and setup on target server.
  • Web site structure creation and setup, filling web site with content.

Programming languages and technologies used: DotNetNuke, ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET, MS Windows Server 2003, MS SQL

In addition to custom programming projects represented here you may take a look at the examples of web development projects represented at the portfolio page.

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