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Selected examples of software development projects completed in 2009-2010

The list below represents only a fraction of the projects completed by our software engineers in 2009-2010. Information about many other projects is confidential and its divulgation is forbidden by non-disclosure agreements signed by Intelligence-Soft. We wish to express our sincere appreciation to those of our clients who allowed us to mention their projects at this web site.

DotNetNuke-based corporate portal and web applications

Year: 2009
Purpose: Development of custom web applications and corporate portals based upon DotNetNuke content management technology.

Description: Most important project completed by Intelligence-Soft software engineers in year 2009 was the development of large (more than 800 web pages) corporate portal for telecommunication company located in United States. Telecom company portal based upon DotNetNuke technology The portal is based upon DotNetNuke framework and contains sections for residential, business and wholesale customers as well as the password-protected section for company personnel. The content of all pages is dynamic and fully controllable by means of web-based administrative interfaces. Intelligence-Soft programmers extended standard DotNetNuke content management by adding workflow functionality to it. It means that changes in content made by the users having content editor rights must be approved by a user with content approval rights before these changes become visible to web site visitors. In addition to dynamic pages the portal integrates a number of custom web applications for company clients. The set of applications includes:
  • E-commerce applications. These applications provide new and existing company clients with an interactive method of purchasing company services online.
  • Online payment applications integrated with company billing system. Company clients may check the status of their accounts and make their payments online.
  • Customer support applications. Using these applications company clients may submit trouble tickets or order maintenance services.
  • Customer relation management (CRM) applications.
  • Network security application integrated with 3rd party security product portal. Using these applications company clients may install 3rd party firewall/antivirus and activate their subscription to this product.
  • E-mail application integrated with 3rd party e-mail portal. Company clients use these application to setup their e-mail accounts and use web-based interface to send/receive e-mail.
Intelligence-Soft engineers used graphic design developed by 3rd-party web studio as a base for the portal skin development.

Programming languages and technologies used: DotNetNuke, ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET, MS Windows Server 2003, MS SQL Server 2005

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