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Selected examples of software development projects completed in 1994-1996

The list below represents only a fraction of the projects completed by our software engineers in 1994-1996. Information about many other projects is confidential and its divulgation is forbidden by non-disclosure agreements signed by Intelligence-Soft. We wish to express our sincere appreciation to those of our clients who allowed us to mention their projects at this web site.


PlanTools Year : 1994-1998
Purpose : GUI tools for planning and scheduling applications.
Customer : Prolog Development Center (Broendby, Denmark).

Description : Collection of sophisticated visual objects specially intended for the planning and scheduling software. Contains the set of screen components for the access to information represented as Gantt diagrams, Spreadsheets, Histograms, or Calendars.
Since 1994 was used as a base for several planning applications written in Visual Prolog.

Report Generator

Report Generator screenshot Year : 1995-1997
Purpose : Generation, preview and printing of various reports and documents.
Customer : Prolog Development Center (Broendby, Denmark).

Description : Generates reports containing text, tables, pictures and diagrams (including Gantt diagrams). Report generator formats output document reposing on document script (template). Interpreting the script, Report generator fills document with data requested from application program or DBMS. Includes preview window with scroll, zoom and printer setup facilities.
Since 1995 was used as a part of many business applications. In 1997 simplified version of Report Generator was included into the collection of tools delivered with Visual Prolog.

Password Protection System

Year : 1995-1996
Purpose : Password protection system for Visual prolog applications
Customer : Prolog Development Center

Description : The set of programming tools for Visual Prolog. The system contains encrypted password database, user management utility and the set of library procedures to be included into the application. Protects Visual Prolog applications by assigning various access rights to different users.

Label Expert

Label Expert screenshot
Year : 1996
Purpose : Vector graphics editor.
Customer : Jansen Expert System (Tutzing, Germany)

Description : Label expert was primarily intended for creation of labels with bar codes, pictures, texts etc. Allows to create labels with dynamic content, for example, by taking text to be printed from the database.
Program supports 5 standards for bar codes (EAN8, EAN13, UPC and others) and more than 200 standard sticker formats for printing labels.


Year : 1996
Purpose : Package contains the library and helper applications for database access from Visual Prolog programs.
Customer : Prolog Development Center (Broendby, Denmark)

Description : The ODBCBind package contains the libraries and utilities that provide an interface to all API functions of Microsoft Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Software Development Kit (SDK) 2.10. The ODBC interface makes it possible for applications to access data from a variety of database management systems (DBMS). The ODBC interface permits maximum interoperability - an application can access data in diverse DBMS's through a single interface. Included into the collection of tools delivered with Visual Prolog.


Medical software system for hemodialysis clinics Year : 1996-1999
Purpose : Medical software system for hemodialysis clinics.
Customer : St.Petersburg State Dialysis Center

Description : System is developed specially for hemodialysis department. It supports physician with convinient environment for managing hospital chartís and medical histories. It also contains decision support engine analysing laboratory reports and assisting doctor in making a diagnosis. Built-in expression interpreter allows to change calculation rules dynamically. System supports multi-user mode and contains client's (physician or nurse) and supervisor's (governor) software.

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