Human Resources - Recruitment Policy

INTELLIGENCE-SOFT recruitment policy is oriented upon the building of professional development teams for long-term cooperation with our customers. One of the most important parts of recruitment policy is the system of personnel search based upon:

permanent contacts with the most respectable centers of education - St.Petersburg State University, St.Petersburg Technical University (former Polytechnic Institute) and other high schools located in our city
permanent contacts with scientific organizations and research institutes (most of these organizations in former days worked for the military industry)
resume database containing candidates ready to get into our team on permanent basis or as a contract staff
Internet search

Intelligence-Soft Human Resources policy is not only aimed at attracting qualified employees, but also at maintaining their high professional level. We implemented a system for continuous professional training based on the desire to encourage the individual development of our employees.
Constant development of our existing personnel through training programs ensures that we have software developers with required skills and competencies to meet an expectations of our clients and their business needs.

Another significant activity related with human resources is the examination system. To prove his ability to be the member of the INTELLIGENCE-SOFT team each candidate passes tests including proficiency tests, foreign language tests and psychological tests.

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