Alexander Block,
Senior Project Manager,
MarketAccess Communications, Inc.
Ottawa, ON, Canada

We do most of our work in-house, but it is an unfortunate thing when you have to turn business away due to overloaded resources. As a result, several years ago, we started our search for several overseas partners who could assist us on short-term projects that we otherwise would have to hire temporary resources for, or worse case, turn down.

We learnt about several off-shore firms, including Intelligence-Soft, through business contacts, and decided to give them a go with a small project. We have a great reputation with our clients for responsiveness and quality product, so finding good partners is always a risk since we don’t want to jeopardize our relationships with our clients. Our local staff works as a great team, and so we thought it unlikely that we’d find collaborators outside our organization who would actually work seamlessly with us.

However, Intelligence-Soft impressed us immensely. Their project manager provided great support to us, and the resource assigned to the project was responsive. We never felt like we were out of the loop.

Over the past few years, we’ve continued our relationship with Intelligence-Soft on a variety of projects. The various people we’ve had the opportunity to work with have maintained the legacy of our first project – open communication, quick turnaround, and a quality product that they stand by after deployment (which is very important to us, since we offer the same support to our clients).

Certainly, if you are looking for resources to assist you on an upcoming project, I’d recommend Intelligence-Soft – you won’t be disappointed.

IMAGETEQ Technologies, Inc.
San Francisco, California, USA

We have collaborated with Intelligence-Soft on a number of projects and we have been very much impressed with the world-class technical expertise, experience, and professionalism of the Intelligence-Soft team. Their highly skilled developers, as well as their seasoned and knowledgeable project managers, along with the outstanding online project management tools, make our work easy and ensure that each of our projects is a success. In addition, we greatly appreciate the superb communication, as well as the responsive and responsible manner with which Intelligence-Soft approaches and addresses all issues. We very much value our relationship with Intelligence-Soft and we would unhesitatingly recommend them to anyone considering their services.

PM Branding Corp.
Richmond, BC, Canada

We are happy to recommend the Intelligence-Soft team. Our company is small and so the outsourcing route is the best way for us to accomplish our goals. The Intelligence-Soft team has done excellent work for us and has made the effort to understand our needs and direct us towards economical solutions.

Ge.Co. servizi
Napoli, Italy

Realizziamo le nostre applicazioni con sole risorse interne, ma per porre rimedio a picchi di lavoro abbiamo deciso di far ricorso ad un off-shore. La scelta di Intellingence Soft è stata quasi casuale mediante ricerche on-line. Ma devo dire che il risultato è stato più che soddisfacente, abbiamo trovato competenze, serietà ed anche disponibilità nell'aiutarci a ridefinire le specifiche dettateci dal nostro cliente. Siamo certi che ogni qual volta ce ne sia bisogno faremo nuovamente riferimento a Intelligence-Soft.          [English translation:] We usually use our internal resources for the development of software applications, but one day for peak reasons we have decided to collaborate with an off-shore development team. The choice of Intelligence-Soft was almost casual, by means of on-line search. But I must say that the result has been more than satisfactory - we have found a competence, seriousness and a willingness to help us under the circumstances of requirement changes typical for the software development process. We definitely are sure, that every time when we'll need a development team, Intellingence-Soft will be our reference.

Technical Director,
The Thomas Murray Group
London, United Kingdom

We have been working with Intelligence-Soft for the past 2 years. We found them by searching the internet for offshore developers, which provided an initial long list of 30 potential suppliers. Preliminary contact and email exchanges whittled this list down to about fourteen. We sent this group a very simple piece of work, and compared the results. This left us with 5, including some high profile companies in Bangolore, India. We then sent a more complex piece of work. The job involved an unclear specification coupled with the need to make some object oriented design decisions. The results produced by each company made the final decision easy. Intelligence-Soft produced work was in a different league to the other companies, and it was clear that they were a deeply professional outfit.
Since then we have used Intelligence-Soft for a number of projects, all of which have confirmed our initial impression . These jobs have involved complex SQL, server side javascript, COM, win32, and DHTML tasks. Their work has always been very thorough, and there has scarecely ever been a need for quality control or serious testing at our end. The most productive aspect of working with Intelligence-Soft is that we do not need to provide detailed technical specfications. Intelligence-Soft's staff take trouble to understand our business problems, allowing us to give them the freedom to design their own solution. The time that we can save in this way provides a huge cost-benefit which is not immediately clear when comparing development rates and fees.
Software written for us by Intelligence-Soft is in heavy daily use by all the world's largest banks: Deutsche Bank, ABN AMRO, HSBC, State Street, Bank of New York, Sumitomo, etc. With our credibility, and therefore our business, at stake, Intelligence-Soft has been of critical help in allowing Thomas Murray to grow despite the recent economic difficulties.
I would be most happy to answer any queries from anyone considering using Intelligence-Soft.

PRONOE Mechanical Engineering
Toulouse, Midi-Pyrenees, France

Nous avons trouve Intelligence-Soft en cherchant sur internet des developpeurs russes car notre premier besoin etait de faire une version russe de notre site. Intelligence-Soft a vraiment fait du bon travail, car ils ont non seulement fait une version russe et anglaise de notre site mais aussi retravaille fortement le design. De plus Intelligence-Soft a integre un logiciel de management du contenu (CMS), extremement simple d'utilisation meme pour un utilisateur non professionnel. Nous avons particulierement aime l'interface de gestion du projet utilisee durant ce travail : toute les informations, sont regroupees sur une interface qui permet de gerer l'avancement des taches, le transfert des donnees et les mails etc. Et finalement les tarifs pratiques sont tres competitifs.
Pour nous Intelligence-Soft est une entreprise tres performante et rigoureuse et c'est sans hesitation que nous la conseillerions notamment pour des PME francaises.
         [English translation:] We found Intelligence-Soft by searching the Internet for Russian developers because we had a commercial meeting in Russia and we would like to have a Russian version of our web site. Intelligence-Soft made a very good job on the redesign of our web site, they made Russian and English versions of the content. In addition they included the content management software (CMS) providing a very easy way to update a site for non-professionals. We've also appreciated the project management web interface used during the project for tasks planning, exchange of project documents and e-mails, etc. And finally their prices are very competitive.
For us Intelligence-Soft is a very efficient, sharp and rigorous company and we have no hesitation in recommending them to any potential client.

Prolog Development Center A/S
Copenhagen, Denmark

PDC started using Intelligence-Soft services in 1994. Since that time Intelligence-Soft engineers continuously participate in many projects having key importance for PDC including the development of tools for Visual Prolog and customer applications. In all of these projects, Intelligence-Soft engineering and management teams have been highly competent, effective and disciplined. Their efforts made a substantial contribution to the success of PDC software products.
We plan to expand our own business relationship with Intelligence-Soft in the future and we have no hesitation in recommending them to any potential client.

Marketing Manager,
MC2 Environmental Engineering Services Inc.
Corona, California, USA

We here at MC2 Environmental Engineering Services Inc. started working with Intelligence-Soft several months ago on a side e-commerce project and have been very impressed with the entire process. With our company being "green" with putting together an e-commerce site, Intelligence-Soft stepped right in with extreme patience and professionalism. With their clear and concise communication, constant follow through and impeccable technical expertise, there isn't any other design and technical team I would have rather worked with. From the first interaction to the final steps in the entire process, I would recommend Intelligence-Soft to any potential customer! You will not be disappointed!
Thank you Intelligence-Soft for all your work!

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